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ALPS Mountaineering Tent Floor Savers
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ALPS Mountaineering rectangle floor savers are a great addition to any tent purchase. They are cut a little smaller than the dimension of the tent floor and have a webbing loop on the corners, which makes it easy to pull and stake out with the tent stakes. Simple, fast and all at a great price.
  • ItemDimensionsWeightFabricCorner Attachment
    Mystique 1.07'8 x 3'4 x 2'7 oz.PolyesterWebbing Loop
    Mystique 1.57'9 x 3'9 x 2'37 oz.PolyesterWebbing Loop
    Mystique 2.07'9 x 4'9 x 3'18 oz.PolyesterWebbing Loop
    Zephyr 16'11 x 3'4 x 2'38 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Zephyr 26'11 x 4'6 x 3'210 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Zephyr 37'1 x 5'10 x 4'212 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Aries 26'10 x 3'11 x 3'39 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Aries 36'10 x 6'3 x 5'13 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Chaos 27' x 4'611 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Chaos 37'4 x 5'412 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Extreme 27'3 x 4'99 oz.PolyesterWebbing Loop
    Extreme 37'8 x 6'414 oz.PolyesterWebbing Loop
    Tasmanian 27'5 x 4'1012 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Tasmanian 37'7 x 6'614 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Lynx 17'3 x 2'58 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Lynx 37'2 x 6'814 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    2-Person7'2 x 4'811 oz.PolyesterWebbing Loop
    3-Person7'2 x 6'212 oz.PolyesterWebbing Loop
    4-Person8'2 x 7'21 lb. 2 oz.PolyesterWebbing Loop
    5-Person9'8 x 7'824 oz.Poly OxfordWebbing Loop
    6-Person9'8 x 9'82 lbs. 1 oz.Poly OxfordWebbing Loop
    Two-Room10' x 12'52 oz.Poly OxfordWebbing Loop
    3-Person OF7'2 x 6'21 lb.Poly OxfordWebbing Loop
    Helix 1-Person2'7 x 6'85.6 oz.PolyesterAluminum Tab Corner
    Helix 2-Person4'2 x 6'88.8 oz.PolyesterAluminum Tab Corner
    Acropolis 3-Person7'3 x 4'915.5 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Acropolis 4-Person7'8 x 6'418.5 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
Product Number
ItemProduct Number
Mystique 1 Floor Saver Navy7711900
Mystique 1.5 Floor Saver Navy7711901
Mystique 2 Floor Saver Brown/Coal7711002
Mystique 2 Floor Saver Navy7711902
Zephyr 1 Floor Saver Navy7711903
Zephyr 2 Floor Saver Navy7711904
Zephyr 3 Floor Saver Navy7711905
Chaos 1 Floor Saver Navy7711908
Chaos 2 Floor Saver Navy7711909
Chaos 3 Floor Saver Navy7711910
Tasmanian 2 Floor Saver Gray7711911
Tasmanian 3 Floor Saver Gray7711912
Lynx 1 Floor Saver Navy7711913
Lynx 2 Floor Saver Navy7711914
Lynx 3 Floor Saver Navy7711915
Lynx 3 Floor Saver Brown/Coal7711041
Aries 2 Floor Saver Navy7711906
Aries 3 Floor Saver Navy7711907
Lynx 4 Floor Saver Navy7711916
2-Person Floor Saver Brown/Coal7711003
3-Person Floor Saver Brown/Coal7711013
4-Person Floor Saver Brown/Coal7711004
5-Person Floor Saver Brown/Coal7712005
6-Person Floor Saver Brown/Coal7712006
Two-room Floor Saver Charcoal7712007
Extreme 2 Floor Saver Gray7711917
Extreme 3 Floor Saver Gray7711918
Meramac 2 Floor Saver Gray7711919
Meramac 3 Floor Saver Gray7711920
Meramac 4 Floor Saver Gray7711921
Meramac 5 Floor Saver Gray7711922
Meramac 6 Floor Saver Gray7711923
Camp Creek 4 Floor Saver Gray7711924
Camp Creek 6 Floor Saver Gray7711925
Camp Creek Two-Room Floor Saver Gray7711926
Taurus 2 Floor Saver Gray7711927
Taurus 4 Floor Saver Gray7711928
Taurus 6 Floor Saver Gray7711929
3 Person Outfitter Floor Saver Brown/Coal7711930
Helix 1-Person Floor Saver Charcoal7711042
Helix 2-Person Floor Saver Charcoal7711043
Acropolis Floor Saver 3-Person Navy7711044
Acropolis Floor Saver 4-Person Navy7711045
Customer Reviews
The Tent Floor Savers has been rated 2 times.
4.0 out of 5 stars
They are the perfect size.

Unfortunately, Sara (other reviewer) is apparently a bit new to tent camping. When a ground cloth is as big or bigger than the tent footprint, it catches rain and sends it right under the tent, between the ground cloth and tent floor. You do NOT want water there. This is why these are cut slightly smaller. If not, you should always tuck your ground cloth under your tent, which is a pain. I for one am glad ALPS sizes theirs just smaller than the tent floor. Thanks!

Wish they were bigger!

I have the floor saver for the Chaos 2. I wish it was not cut smaller than the actual tent because when I stake it and the tent together, the tent isn't a taut as it should be. This makes the zippers a two-hand job instead of a one-hand, and one of the things I love about this tent is being able to open and close it one-handed. So I've ended up just placing the floor saver underneath without using the grommets, which is fine so long as it's not super windy.