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Tent Floor Savers
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ALPS Mountaineering rectangle floor savers are a great addition to any tent purchase. They are cut a little smaller than the dimension of the tent floor and have a webbing loop on the corners, which makes it easy to pull and stake out with the tent stakes. Simple, fast and all at a great price.
  • ItemDimensionsWeightFabricCorner Attachment
    Hydrus 17' x 3'5 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Hydrus 27' x 4'7 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Mystique 1.07'8 x 3'4 x 2'7 oz.PolyesterWebbing Loop
    Mystique 1.57'9 x 3'9 x 2'37 oz.PolyesterWebbing Loop
    Mystique 2.07'9 x 4'9 x 3'18 oz.PolyesterWebbing Loop
    Zephyr 16'11 x 3'4 x 2'38 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Zephyr 26'11 x 4'6 x 3'210 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Zephyr 37'1 x 5'10 x 4'212 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Gradient 27'4 x 4'18 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Gradient 37'4 x 5'810 z.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Aries 26'10 x 3'11 x 3'39 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Aries 36'10 x 6'3 x 5'13 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Chaos 27' x 4'611 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Chaos 37'4 x 5'412 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Extreme 27'3 x 4'99 oz.PolyesterWebbing Loop
    Extreme 37'8 x 6'414 oz.PolyesterWebbing Loop
    Tasmanian 27'5 x 4'1012 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Tasmanian 37'7 x 6'614 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Lynx 17'3 x 2'58 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    Lynx 37'2 x 4'814 oz.PolyesterGrommet/Male Buckle
    2-Person7'2 x 4'811 oz.PolyesterWebbing Loop
    3-Person7'2 x 6'212 oz.PolyesterWebbing Loop
    4-Person8'2 x 7'21 lb. 2 oz.PolyesterWebbing Loop
    5-Person9'8 x 7'824 oz.Poly OxfordWebbing Loop
    6-Person9'8 x 9'82 lbs. 1 oz.Poly OxfordWebbing Loop
    Two-Room10' x 12'52 oz.Poly OxfordWebbing Loop
Product Number
ItemProduct Number
Mystique 1 floor saver7711005
Mystique 1.5 floor saver7711001
Mystique 2 floor saver7711002
Zephyr 1 floor saver7711010
Zephyr 2 floor saver7711011
Zephyr 3 floor saver7711012
Aries 2 floor saver7711023
Aries 3 floor saver7711024
Chaos 2 floor saver7711014
Chaos 3 floor saver7711015
Extreme 2 floor saver7711007
Extreme 3 floor saver7711008
Tasmanian 2 floor saver7711026
Tasmanian 3 floor saver7711027
Lynx 1 floor saver7711022
2-person floor saver7711003
3-person floor saver7711013
4-person floor saver7711004
5-person floor saver7712005
6-person floor saver7712006
Two-room floor saver7712007
Lynx 3 floor saver7711041
Customer Reviews
The Tent Floor Savers has been rated 1 time.
3.0 out of 5 stars
Wish they were bigger!

I have the floor saver for the Chaos 2. I wish it was not cut smaller than the actual tent because when I stake it and the tent together, the tent isn't a taut as it should be. This makes the zippers a two-hand job instead of a one-hand, and one of the things I love about this tent is being able to open and close it one-handed. So I've ended up just placing the floor saver underneath without using the grommets, which is fine so long as it's not super windy.