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Outback Mat
Luxury foam self-inflating pad

Comfy but not portable

Awesome bed for a full sized man like me. Wife likes hers too. It does roll up and compress well, but its large without any air. You will not carry it on your back far so its for car camping.

Not certain about insulation, but I've been in 30 degree weather with no issues. Good bed. We got the XL and love 'em.. Cover is a fabric that feels good to skin, even in warmer months, not slick. Younger family members are jealous and we have banned them from using ours..

Quality Cusmoter Service

Life is not perfect and things do go wrong, I judge companies and people on how they respond when things are not perfect.

I have owned this Outback Mat for a little over a year and when it developed a leak, a simple email to customer service and then a follow up email with my proof of destruction (I had to cut a hole in the mat and send a picture), resulted in a new replacement a few days later.

I purchased my first items from Alps Mountaineering after i read a review about how the company stands behind their products, I now own several Alps Mountaineering products and i am pleased to say that Alps Mountaineering truly cares and stands behind their products.

Scoutmaster Approved

Recently purchased the Outback Mat and wow...what a comfortable and warm sleep.

Used on a 20* night and slept comfortably warm. Recently had a cabin campout and paired it with a cot and sleeping on a cloud.

Figuring out the valve took a bit of headscratching then had an ah-ha...duh moment (spoiler alert: it pivots).

Now that I know how to use it, the pivoting valve make inflation and deflation a breeze. Takes a few extra puffs to inflate just because of the size; but, nothing too bad.

Certainly not designed for lightweight backpacking; but, for car campers this is a must have.

Love everythnig about this mat.. Comes with a spacious storage bag with a little pouch that contains a patch kit.

It's pricey; but, worth every penny. Don't hesitate.

Best camping mattress I've ever had

I've done a lot of camping and backpacking over the years. I now just do tent camping and have tried a lot of different mattresses. Wow, this one is the most comfortable of all that I tried. It's 4" thick and easy to inflate. Honestly, you get a great nights sleep on this mattress. I got the largest one 32 by 80, I absolutely love it !

Fantastic mat but.....

Compact storage, lightweight, and very comfortable! I'm 260lbs and I didn't touch the ground. However after 2 months of storage I pulled it out for a guest. It lost a significant amount of air in the first night. It was only used 4 nights previous. I am willing to try a new one because they are that good, but if I have any problems with my next one I'm done!