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Josh Dahlke
Hometown: South St. Paul, MN
Resides in: Rosemount, MN
Profession: Video Director/Host/Producer
Content Director
Favorite game to hunt: Wild Turkeys
Where I hunt: All over the world.
Josh Dahlke grew up hunting whitetails on his family's Century Farm in central Minnesota, eventually molding his outdoors addiction into a career. He's an avid multi-species hunter and savage trout angler who has thus far seen the sun rise and set across three continents—with a rifle or fishing rod in hand. He's the content director for an industry-leading mobile app. As writer, director, and host of THE HUNGER, much of his time is spent hunting and making meat on the road for the series. He's also a regular contributor to several outdoor media outlets including Mossy Oak, Outdoor Life, Deer & Deer Hunting, Turkey Country and more. You can follow him for regular updates on Instagram via @thehungerofficial.
Why I choose ALPS OutdoorZ gear
I've relentlessly tested ALPS OutdoorZ gear for 5 years straight. It has traveled with me from the rugged mountains of the West to the Midwestern whitetail woods, from Mexico to South Africa. There's one recurring theme with ALPS gear: It never fails. I use ALPS gear because it's reliable, durable, and designed by real hunters.
My favorite ALPS OutdoorZ products
Favorite hunting story
During a late-season elk hunt in the Madison Range of Montana, my guide Ray and I spotted a mature bull in plain sight on a large flat, bedded on the fenceline of a neighboring property. We hatched a plan for Ray to walk upwind of the bull, hoping to bump him nearly a mile back to my position at the base of some timbered foothills. I set up on a pile of rocks and got a steady rest for my rifle, trying to envision where the bull might approach. I ranged several objects within 400 yards so I could make an efficient shot, should the bull fall into our trap. Suddenly, the bull got up from his bed and charged across the flat, flanking me and jogging into the distance. I had a decision to make: Chase the bull, or let him go and move on to pursue a different bull? Despite my best logic, I decided to chase the bull. I strapped on my Traverse X pack, slinged my rifle, and began running to catch up with the escaping beast. After more than a mile of running through ankle-deep snow, all hope was lost. But then, as I stood there soaked in sweat and struggling to breathe, Ray appeared. He was on a mission. I caught up with him and he was on the bull's tracks like a bloodhound. We followed the tracks until they disappeared into a shallow, narrow, wooded draw. As we peeked up over the hill, there stood the massive bull, calmly lingering just 30 yards from the muzzle of my rifle. Moments later, Ray and I stood over the tremendous animal in disbelief. Never chase an elk?
Hunting tips from Josh Dahlke
One of the most challenging aspects of hunting sagebrush flats is getting a steady rest over the brush. There's an easy solution. Take off a firm outer layer, such as a jacket, and drape it over the brush. Use it as a table to set down your rifle and get a steady rest. If you're carrying a shooting stick, use it to support the butt end of your rifle for bench-rest stability. Here's a video demonstrating this deadly tip.
Organizations I Support
  • Sportsmen's Alliance
  • National Deer Alliance
  • National Wild Turkey Federation
  • World Slam of Wild Turkeys