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Mia Anstine
Hometown: Pagosa Springs, CO
Resides in: Pagosa Springs, CO
Profession: Writer, Outfitter, Hunting Guide, Speaker, Archery Instructor, Firearms Instructor, Mentor
Favorite game to hunt: Bugling bull elk
Where I hunt: Worldwide

Mia Anstine writes from her home, the "Funny Farm," in the Rocky Mountains of southwest Colorado. She grew up in a small house on a dirt road along the San Juan River. Her father hunted to put food on the table. Mia's mom grew a garden, sewed, and taught her daughter how to fish. Her great-grandfather used to visit the area for annual hunting trips and passed on his skills to Mia's father, who passed them on to her. From her rural home base, Mia's traveled to pursue wild animals around the world. She guides hunters chasing elk, mule deer, black bears, and Merriam's turkeys in southwest Colorado and northern New Mexico.

Growing up, Mia learned about all things wonderful through a simple, pioneer way of life. Most people these days will never have the opportunity to experience, or even understand, the ways of living independent of technology. It's that basic style of living in the Colorado mountains that inspired her to encourage others to get outside, hunt, fish, shoot, cook, eat, survive, create, and live life in a positive way.

Why I choose ALPS OutdoorZ gear
I've used ALPS OutdoorZ gear because of their effort to make a product that truly fits a woman. Over the years, I've stuck with the company because of the people. In this day and age, customer service is everything, and the people make me feel like I'm worth their time.
My favorite ALPS OutdoorZ products
Favorite hunting story
I have so many favorite hunting stories that I can't list them all. I'd say that my favorite hunt is the next one. The dreaming, the planning, the scouting, and other preparations are all part of my favorite hunting moments. Hunting memories are always found as we site at the table to eat a field-to-fork meal with family or friends.
Hunting tips from Mia Anstine
First, always be diverse, not just in hunting scenarios, but in life. Things change with the wind and the more you're able to adapt, the more successful you'll become. Additionally, be open to ideas and fill yourself with knowledge—never stop learning. You can always discover other methods that may help you to improve yours. Finally, be ethical and respectful to that which you pursue and if you share your success, always keep those who are not hunters.
Organizations I Support
  • Safari Club International
  • Professional Outdoor Media Association
  • Pope & Young
  • Recognized by Field & Stream as a woman who is a "Game Changer" in the outdoor industry
  • Pope & Young record book bull elk
  • Second Amendment advocate invited by the GOP to speak on Capital Hill
  • Top ten finish in the Swarovski Optik's Hunting Summit 2019