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4.6 out of 5 stars
For the Price you cant beat it... Amazing Day pack!!!

To whom it may concern:

May I congratulate you on a creating such an amazing pack… I have to say, I was a bit hesitant in pulling the trigger on the Pursuit X pack, because I was not sure if it would fit me and my frame (online order). I am 6 ft @ 240 Lb and I am a pretty large framed guy with a 44 inch waist… This thing fits like a glove and it’s comfortable, to quote Han Solo “She’s got it where it counts”. I can’t even tell the Im wearing it. That is amazing and extremely helpful when bow hunting at elevations that exceed 10k FT in the High Sierras of California. The adjust-ability of this pack mirrors that of high end packs such as, The North Face, Gregory, and Lowe Alpine and the cushioning around the shoulders and hips, and back is thick.

The only thing I noticed is that it is a lil tight around the neckline, when you are at full draw with your bow…This a minor, yet distracting flaw…and could be easily remedied in a version 2.0

Things that I would like to see in the pack:

1. Wish it would have came with the reservoir 3.0 IE the hydration bladder which it is equipped for…

2. Longer cinch straps at the bottom of the pack (I might be able to fit a sub sandwich in there?)

3. Would be nice to include air holes in the foam pads in the hip and back area to allow for more airflow (COOLING) might also cut a lil of the weight off the pack and production costs ????

4. Large Zippers throughout the pack ( like the one for the main compartment)

5. Double and triple reinforced stitching

6. The ability to move the pouches on the hip pads ( ie slide them forward, or towards the rear, and even possibly to another location on the pack)

7. Blaze Orange rain fly, for safety

Other than those few caveats this pack is amazing, and I would highly recommend it!

Comfortability: 5

Adjustability: 5

Craftsmanship: 4

Breathability: 3.5

Great for the Treestand or Blind

Durable bag with more than enough storage for hunting whitetails in Iowa, I leave my outer layers inside the bag for the walk in. All in all you won't be disappointed.

Good medium size pack.

This is a great “medium” pack that is perfect for times we don’t need our huge pack but need more than our small pack. Good features and nice padded straps. Much better than I expected!

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