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ALPS OutdoorZ Commander
External frame for the backcountry
Big Game
Coyote Brown
You're feeling good after your successful hunt... but now you've got to get all that meat back to camp. Bring along the reliable Commander Freighter Frame to haul your meat from one place to the next. The Commander comes equipped with a unique lashing system to secure your meat. With as much weight as you'll be carrying, padded waist belt and shoulder straps are a must. There are pockets for your flash light and knife, as well as a holder for your shooting stix on the lashing straps. If you want to carry even more gear, check our Commander Pack Bag!

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  • Lashing system secures meat for long hauls
  • Includes three extension lashing straps for extra large loads
  • Freighter shelf supports heavy loads
  • Aluminum frame
  • Shooting sticks holder, knife and flashlight pocket
  • Adjustable shoulder harness
  • Adjustable torso range allows you to customize the pack to comfortably haul heavy loads
  • Torso range 17" – 23"
  • Padded waist belt and shoulder straps
  • Waist belt can accommodate clip-style holsters so you can securely carry a hand gun
  • Mesh back band for better ventilation
  • Pack bag not included
  • Weight: 5 lbs. 2 oz.
  • Torso Range: 17" to 23"
  • Frame: Aluminum
  • Waist Belts: Standard Fits Waist 26" to 40" / X-Large Fits 40"+
Product Number
ItemProduct Number
Commander - Coyote Brown3699914
Customer Reviews
The Commander has been rated 144 times.
4.6 out of 5 stars
Great frame pack

I bought the bags for both commanders I purchased, two elk hunts and multiple mule deer and antelope, great pack.

2 Thumbs Up

Have carried this pack frame for around 25 miles worth of elk hunting and wilderness backpacking. It rides very well on my shoulders and hips and is easily adjustable. Have hauled 2 boned out elk quarters at once and the pack held up well without digging into my traps or hips.

Hell of a pack frame

Two years ago I used my sons pack to pack out a elk. This frame was outstanding. It will hold a lot more then you can carry. I purchased one for myself this year for another Nev Elk hunt. The only thing I added was a small pack attached to the top rail to carry a lunch and a few additional items. The extra pouches on the belt are a god sent. I like the folding shelf because I can put all my meat sacks & saw & knife set in a pouch and fold the shelf up and secure everything. You will not go wrong with this pack frame. It is light and built strong.

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