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Dark Timber
Day pack

Needs more organization

This is the perfect size pack for day whitetail hunters. Only complaint I have was there were not enough internal organization pockets like on crossbuck and ranger for smaller items to be easily accessed. Due to this I returned the pack and continued to use my old one. Would definitely purchase again if this was added.

Got a lot of use out of it


Great pack!

Solid material that I feel will hold up well. I took this bow hunting this past weekend and it held everything I needed with room to spare. I had the pack weigh about 20lbs which included a full water bladder and it was very comfortable.

Like it

Good product

Great bag

For its size, it had lots of big pockets and can be organized very well. I really like the material too.

Deceptively Big

I opened this package and was a little worried (pun intended) at the size of this Day Pack. I thought "Really? This is a 37L pack?" However, I tested it out nonetheless. As seen in the picture, everything I carry with me in my Day Pack while hunting fits into the pack with room to spare for food/snacks and extra layers I may take off while hunting. Before you ask, I did put water in the reservoir before putting it in my pack. So, for my needs, this is a perfect hunting Day Pack and a very reasonable price. Is it the best backpack you could get? No. Is it the best you can get at this price point? Probably. For those who would like a little extra room or carry a bit more with them, I suggest getting the ALPS OutdoorZ Trail Blazer Hunting Pack. It is a 41L pack (as opposed to 37L) that costs about $52 and is available here on Amazon.

In the pack I put:
- Bugle
- Jetboil
- (2x) Water Bottles
- First-Aid Kit
- LifeStraw
- 2L Water Reservoir
- Havalon Skinning Knife
- Flashlight
- Toilet Paper
- Feather Down Jacket


Would buy again

Perfect for my hunting equipment.


Not for people over 5'7 . Returned

Bottom Line Up Front: Just came in, haven't used it in the field. Looks and feels great. Exceeded excpectations.

Giving 5 stars as initial review, without having used it, based off first glance AND price. The pack came packed it a box so that it wasn't folded or crunched down. I've been wanting to get a new pack for hunting and went to some stores where I didn't find anything I really liked, or was priced reasonably. Honestly, there are a lot of packs out there that are simply overpriced. I hopped on Amazon and found this one, thought I'd pull the trigger and take a chance on buying something I haven't physically touched in person. The pack is actually larger than I thought it would be, but not overbearing. The waist belt and back of the pack are padded nicely. (NOTE: The waist belt cannot be tucked away). The mesh pockets on the side were surprisingly large enough to hold a 20 oz Yeti (I was doubting this feature based on the product image). Inside the pack is a place for a hydration bag, with a notch in the top for the drinking tube. Also inside the main compartment is a mesh pocket with zipper. The criss-cross tightening straps are a little odd, but I guess it saves money by not having 4 tightners with clips. The bag opens quite large and the bottom is made of a durable material. Zippers have a loop that make it quick to locate and find, under the zipper hood. The pack feels super nice, I expected a cheap feel, but damn...I almost could snuggle with it. Might have to one day ; ) If you're wanting a simple day pack, reasonably priced, this one definitely works, at least for me. There are a couple things that I could comment as far as negatives, but really for what this is it's really close to perfect...would be nice if there was an integrated a rain fly and maybe lose one of the mesh sides for another pocket or two. Also, some pieces are double stitched while others are single, double stitching all around would bolster my confidence in the pack as far as durability. Finally, being able to tuck the waist belt into the bag would be nice. All that being said, I have not viewed their other products so they may actually have packs that address some of the 'cons' I've listed.

Great size for a day hunt

Great hunting pack. Perfect for a day hunt, then back to the truck or RV for the evening. It is probably to small to go hunting out deep in the woods for more than one night. My old pack was a little smaller and when the day got warmer, it wasn't big enough to put my thermals an/or jacket in it to cool down. But this pack carry's the same gear as my old pack and still has room to store the warmer clothes I take off. So this pack fits my needs perfectly

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