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Versatile day pack

Good day pack, with only a few minor flaws

I've used this for whitetail, snowshoe hare, grouse, turkey and moose hunts. There's plenty of room to pack extra layers in case the weather drops colder than expected, while still leaving room for water, food and other things you may need for being in the woods for the whole day. I keep small pack emergency med kit, and some supplies for if my day trip ends up being unexpectedly over night. The flip down outer panel has enough room for my calls, my tags and anything i need handy.

My minor gripes are with the waist and chest buckles. I wish the chest buckle had more up/down adjustment, for when thinner/thicker clothes are worn, and a more positive way to keep that position cinched down. The slider does OK, but it does move around and slip as you walk.

As others have mentioned, the buckles are a weak point. They don't like to stay where you have tightened them to when you remove the pack, and they don't like to move when you have them done up, and just need to tighten a little more. I broke my waist buckle tightening it down at 3:30 am heading out for turkey, fortunately I always keep zip ties in my pack as well and could mend it for the time being. I placed a complaint, and had a reply in a day or two, and had a replacement within a couple weeks, even with the pandemic going on and slowing the mail system down. So customer service has been great so far.

The rain cover works awesome for snow and rain, and it being blaze orange, works when I'm required to wear it. It hasn't snagged or ripped while being put through it's paces while making my way through fairly dense tree cover, or mild brambles. The cover is a bit noisier than the pack, but it's manageable, and has kept the internals dry.

Some have complained that they think that the waist belt pockets are a bit bulky, and I must say that it was a small concern with me when I first put the pack on, however they have not hindered my natural arm swing.

I use the tie down and pocket for my firearm when walking in before sun up, and that's been from a 30-06, 30-30, 12 gauge, 20 gauge or .22. Its held them all and kept them in place.

I have owned this for less than 2 years, so I cannot speak to the total longevity of the pack, but it looks like it will wear well. Only time will tell I guess.

I would not use this pack if I was planing on having to pack out any large game, as with no frame this would be difficult. But its sure beats stuffing pockets full of extras, and it's nice to have some thermals when needed, or some place to stuff them when the weather gets warmer once you're out in the back 40.

Good Pack

Have this pack for over a year now, been on a couple of trips, and has been my favorite pack so far, plenty of room for gear, like the shelf pocket as well, and holds my bow well. I would recommend this as maybe a 1-2 day hunt pack if that's what you're looking for, but not any longer in terms of multiday hunt or for big game as there isn't internal frame.

Torso strap

Got this bag for birthday it was great until the cold of northern alberta started the adjustable chest strap broke in the cold they sent me a new one and the same thing happened unfortunately great bag just not in cold temperature

Good pack, but could be Great with Minor Improvements.

This is a Good pack, I definitely like the size as I can strap it into my Summit Tree stand and just pack the tree stand in. Since this is a Hydration compatible pack, I wish it had a separate and padded compartment for the Hydration bladder, something similar to the CamelBak design, this way you wont take a chance on your Hydration Bladder being punctured.

The next improvement in design would be for the shelf, love the idea, but I would add a mesh netting on each side just to make sure nothing falls from the shelf.

Best backpack I've ever owned

4 years later and this is by far the best backpack I have ever owned. Buy it you will love it.

Great bag - made in China.

Good bag - first hunt was very positive. Would not buy again discovering it was made in China.

Great Product for the price.

This is a good pack for the price point, Holds all my gear and the straps give you plenty of options to get it fitting just right for maximum comfort. Took a few stars off the review as i would like to have the option to wrap the extra strap that is not needed after getting it tightened down (Extra material just hangs down and can get in the way.) Not a deciding factor for the pack, but it could benefit from additional lashing locations on the pack.

I would have gave this 4 stars however the first time i had this out on a hunt loaded up. I was out in the field getting something out of the pack. Went to zip it back up and the included zipper pull ripped making it a bit of a challenge using that zipper. A new pull will correct this and I will continue to enjoy this pack.

Great Pack!!

I have zero complains. People saying the front pockets obstruct their natural arm motion must have their own problem. This was not an issue for me.

Very well made

Lots of storage

Five Stars

Best hunting pack I've tried.

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