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Traverse EPS
Day pack with expandable meat-hauling system

Great For Saddle Hunting

I bought this to carry my sticks and platform for saddle hunting. By far the best pack I have found for the job. It has plenty of space for everything during cold weather and compresses down well for warm weather.

great pack!!!

I love this pack and would recommend it to anyone. I used it this past season in packing off a mule deer off a mountain side, along with an antelope off the parie. It held up good. There is plenty of room for many things depending on how you want to load it up for your daily adventure. I like the vented meat area. Great idea. Its a pretty comfy pack.....I hiked in and out, up and down many miles and it did the trick. Cant wait to use it again this year!!


Like one other review on here it does make a creaking noise. Also the zippers are extremely loud. I did not feel like I could use the zippers in the field without spooking any nearby animals.It feels pretty dern good. Even loaded down. However the first day I used it I helped a friend quarter and pack out an elk. Not sure if it was designed for all the wait but a strap broke and the mesh tore under the weight in two places. Decent pack just not designed for much weight.

Great design and functionality but one very annoying trait

I do love everything about this backpack except for one really annoying thing which has brought my review down from 5 stars to 3 stars because it is that big of a deal for me. Regardless of how tight or loose i have the shoulder straps or waist strap and the size i have the shoulder straps set to, the pack makes a constant "Creaking" sound with every step i take simply from the movement of my body transferring to the pack. The Creaking sound is coming from the spot where you adjust the height of the shoulder straps right below the back of your neck. I was very excited to use this on my 6 day bow hunt but it was so loud and annoying that it felt like it was practically impossible to sneak around while wearing this, let alone be able to listen to your surroundings while trying to sneak or simply walk from place to place. I ended up leaving the backpack in the truck and just wearing an old fanny pack style hunt pack or just dropping this somewhere and coming back to it on the way back to the vehicle or camp. If anyone has any suggestions to remedy this issue i would love to hear them.

I thought it was a little large at first, glad I have the extra room now.

A little large for a hunting back however the size and extra straps on the front and the fact you can expand the inside with an additional zipper on the outside makes this perfect for packing your quartered up animal.

Buckles suck......

Not impressed. Bought a better bag at Walmart for $20. None of the buckles stay clipped. The chest buckle doesn't even work because of the cheap way the game it attached to each shoulder strap. It just comes undone. Would rather spend the extra money and get a badlands pack that I feel comfortable putting my bow in without losing it.

Great Value

I bought this pack needing something for elk hunting this season. I went this direction because it was affordable and had some features I wanted. Overall I am completely satisfied with this product.
The good:
Price. I looked at tons of packs and this one was the best bang for the buck without spending $400+
Quality. It held up helping to pack out an elk quarter which is what I needed it for. The expanded meat area worked great for the pack out.
Pockets. The waist band pockets helped keep calls and other small things close at hand with easy access. the scope, rain fly, and main compartment all met common standards.
Straps. The adjustable and movable straps worked great. Plenty of options to tighten everything down and adjust as needed. The bow/rifle carrier off the back worked great for my bow. Very little bounce with good balance. The spot for adding a pistol was adequate.
Padding. This pack was pretty comfortable. I don't know that I'd take it on 3 day or more hunt but for a weekend it'll do.

The negative:
Waist band. I wish the padding would have come farther around my waist. I didn't really like the way the buckle tightens around the waist but it worked. The buckle is tough to start, but loosened up. It was a quiet click on and off.
Straps. The load out straps that tighten down your shoulders with a load work well but they tended to come a little loose. Not all the way but a little bit.
Shoulder straps. The height of the harness is adjustable which is great. I needed one more loop. I'm 6'3" so it didn't quite fit right with my long torso. It worked out for me overall.
Weight. The pack is heavier than some at 6.9 pounds I believe. It would have been nice to save 2-3 pounds on the pack but I get it.

I would recommend this pack to anyone that needs a budget pack and is looking for one that functions well. I would buy this pack in a heartbeat again. I've got several more hunts scheduled for deer and elk this year and will update this post if the quality doesn't hold up. Happy hunting.

Very good first impression.

Worked great for my mule deer hunt in myoming.

Great pack

Light enough to not be cumbersome well made handles heavy loads well.
One complaint is I wish it had mesh pockets on both side for holding water bottles this pack only has one..

Great for one day hunting trips

Solid pack for one or two day hunting trips. A little heavy for anything longer (3+ days).

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