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Traverse X
Multi-use meat-hauling day pack

Five Stars

Love this pack, very well thought out and ALPS always has the high quality I need.

Five Stars

Great product! Plenty of room and well made.

So close to perfect with one major flaw

Im going to start of this review by saying I think this pack is a GREAT pack for everything it can do. It truly is a one pack to do all. The pack looks to be of very high quality. All the straps and stitching and buckles seem very durable. To compare, Alps might be a sub company of Badlands this pack and the badlands2200 pack are nearly identical but the Alps gives a bit more room with with the pockets in the wings and the shoulder straps made of better material. So the pack is plenty big to hold anything you would need for a day or possibly two. It has enough pockets without having too many. I really liked this pack and it was going to be my do all pack however there is one flaw I found that for me ended up meaning I had to return it. I am 5'8'' and a somewhat muscular stocky upper body. Because of my torso length I would have to tighten the shoulder straps almost fully which then did two things. It pulled on my shoulders and the straps pinched my neck. after using this pack for a full day of hiking my shoulders and neck were so sore. If I loosened up the shoulder straps the pack would sit way too far down on my back and the lumbar support would be too low. I was really really bummed I wouldn't be able to make this work but it just wont with my body style. I would say if youre 5'10" or taller this pack will be great for you but if youre shorter you would have to be of a skinnier build to make this pack work. This is not really in fault of the pack the only thing that could have help is if the shoulder straps were wider coming out of the pack then when tightened it wouldn't have pinched my neck. BTW the Badlands 2200 has this same problem and I compared them side by side. I decided it's too hard to truly have one pack that can do it all so im going the route of a day pack and a frame pack to haul meat. Ill keep checking in with Alps to see if they make any improvements over the next few years and if they seem to have fixed this I will definitely give it a go again.

Not that great

It's heavy and the ergonomics aren't all they're cracked up to be. I went on an 8 mile (4 miles up 2,00 ft elevation) trek yesterday with just a spotting scope, binoculars, light field dress gear, rifle and sidearm. This thing started to feel heavy and uncomfortable after the first mile or so. The spot for a clip on holster is about 4" too far back which makes reaching your pistol a real chore. It's a pain to get into the main pack (which is much smaller than I expected) since you have to unstrap the wings. After hiking with this thing I can't imagine trying to haul a good ammount of meat for any real distance with this set up. The camelback holder is useless to me since camelback ALWAYS get your pack wet, you're always better off to just carry some water bottles or a sturdy canteen. To be fair I knew that going in and bought it anyway. The zippers all get caught on the material and the padding Makes for a hot, sweaty hike. The rifle holder is cool but that's about it. I'm tempted to return it but I may use it for turkey although it doesn't have a seat or legs.

If you want a really expensive turkey pack, go ahead. If you're going high country just save yourself and buy a good frame and use a lightweight pack that you like. Use the money you save to buy some ammo and go to the range or buy some nice waders or something. It's not a great pack for even $150 let alone $250.

Great well made pack

Excellent pack that is comfortable to wear and extremely adjustable. I was able to hike 12 miles with 33# of gear and this with just a bit of soreness in my shoulders the next day. The pouches are spacious and had plenty of room. I didn't see a clip to keep the tube of a hydration pack along the strap so I just stuffed the tube back into the hole after using. Bow carrying pouch held my bow very securely, although you'll need a friend or to take off the pack in order to remove it, which is a negative if you're planning on going hunting by yourself. Very happy with this purchase.

very good quality and has the room I needed for hunting ...

very good quality and has the room I needed for hunting trips, i carry too much stuff some times but it worked well.

Perfect for hunting trips

My husband loves it! Perfect for hunting trips!