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Adam Brune

I was a late bloomer to the hunting community. From a very young age, I always enjoyed being outdoors, but my time spent growing up outdoors was typically playing any sport that I could. If I was throwing, catching, shooting, kicking or running, I was happy. The commitment to sports growing up didn't leave much time for anything else. I was a three-sport athlete in high school and continued playing football in college. After years and years of competitive sports, it was a difficult transition after college when that competitive part of my life was over, even if I wasn't ready for it to be. I tried to play "competitive" softball for several years with some of my friends, but getting on a field where drinking beer is more important than playing the sport just didn't scratch my competitive itch. Now as I continue to hunt more and more, I am happy to say the adrenaline rush and competitive spirit that I once enjoyed when playing sports has returned.

Adam's ElkI am lucky enough to get to work alongside my best friend from high school, Zach Scheidegger, who has been an avid outdoorsman since a young age. He is now our product manager for our ALPS OutdoorZ gear. Zach had asked me to come hunting with him growing up, but I was never really interested because my focus was always on sports. As we got older and he continued to pressure me to come out with him, I finally gave in and agreed to go to deer camp with him at his grandpa's farm. The first year I went to just sit in a stand and observe. I got to sit in nature and experience things that I had never seen before. Getting to see animals in their natural habitat was something that I really enjoyed. Even though it was neat to experience new things in the deer stand, the best part of the first year was once we got back to camp. Getting together with family and friends and the camaraderie that happens at deer camp is still one of my favorite parts about hunting.

Now several years later after Zach introduced me to hunting, I go to deer camp every year at my dad's farm. I have also had the opportunity to hunt elk, upland, turkey and waterfowl. Each hunt type has its special things about it that I love. The social interaction while upland and waterfowl hunting make it something fun to do as a group. Calling in a gobbler and having him charge toward your decoys will give you an adrenaline rush like no other. Sitting alone in a deer stand unplugged from the world just enjoying nature is something I don't do enough and really look forward to each year. Elk hunting is my favorite type of hunting for several reasons but the number one reason is the challenge of the hunt and rough terrain. The elk is the most majestic animal I have ever seen up close and personal and my heart feels like it is going to pound out of my chest every time I hear one bugle near me. I am very fortunate that I have gotten to share my elk hunting experiences with my dad and best friend.

Adam's BuckWhile I think elk hunting is my favorite type of hunting, if I have more experiences like I did deer hunting with my dad last fall, deer hunting might soon make the top of the list. We had been seeing very nice deer on our cameras all summer and early fall. I decided to go to the stand were we were seeing the best pictures and dad wanted to go to a new stand that we added last summer. We hunted hard the entire opening weekend and both got skunked. After the frustrating weekend, I was able to convince my dad to take a day off work (which almost never happens) to go out deer hunting with me again. We both knew the deer were there because of the pictures we had been seeing but we just were not in the right place at the right time. After another frustrating morning of not seeing anything I was ready to go back to a different stand that I had success in prior years. My dad stayed in the same stand the entire time and I'm glad he did. As it was starting to get dark I was able to harvest a nice buck and before I was even out of my stand, I heard my dad shoot. We both got bucks and shot about 10 minutes apart from each other. My dad does a ton of work throughout the year with property management and food plot work, so when it comes to hunting season I am glad that we now get to hunt together and he gets to reap the fruits of his labor.

I'm really looking forward to continuing to grow my knowledge base as a hunter and help others get outside and experience this great lifestyle. My only regret at this point is that it took me this long to get hooked. I can't wait to continue making memories with family and friends in the coming years. I hope one day that me and my children are able to create great memories like I have with my dad through the outdoors.