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Jake's Day with Madison and Hayden

Madison & Hayden Brune


When we got there I was nervous like always when I go somewhere new. We parked then got on a trailer of a tractor. The tractor then took us up to the barn that gave us our name tags. We made our way over to a tent with a lot of people under it. There were groups on our tag that put us in groups of age and difficulty. Me and my sister were in the same group.

The first thing my group did was kayaking. We walked up this hill and I was still so nervous. The guide talked a little bit and then we all got into the kayaks. Me and my sister stayed in the back of the group. So I got the 12' kayak unlike everyone else who got 9' kayaks. Mind you that I had never been in a kayak before. It was very difficult, but like anything you have to practice and as time went on I got more comfortable doing it. It was very fun and life changing.

Then, me and my group went fishing in this really cool pond. By this time I was feeling more comfortable. Now fishing, something that I was good at from a young age. Super confident. I caught I reasonable amount of fish that day.

Next, we went to the obstacle course and cast iron skillet station. The obstacle course, in my opinion, was not the best. I think that is why they had the cast iron skillet tent. I loved that. They were making peach cobbler. It was amazing. Plus, my sister didn't like hers so I got to eat hers. YUM!

After that, we started making our way to the 22's. I had never shot a 22 before. I was a little worried, but I knew it couldn't be that hard and it wasn't worth getting all upset. Turns out I was right. 22's were super fun and kind of easy. 22's are now officially off my bucket list.

Now, it was time for BB guns. I had done this before. I was so excited. I did really good for what I usually do. BB guns are not my strong suit.

Finally, paint balls! This was awesome. Everyone in the group got a cup of paint balls. We went 3 at a time and the targets were all different things like turkey decoys, deer decoys, and clay birds on a big board in the back.

In conclusion, Jake's day was really fun, life changing and I would definitely recommend it.


This is all of the amazing stuff I did in Jake’s Day. First we all had a number and you would match the number with the number your teacher had. Then we walked up a hill and we got in canoes and it was my first time in a canoe. It was really fun. Then we walked back down the hill and we went fishing. I caught a lot of fish. Next we went to like a jungle gym and we got to walk across it and it was hard because we had huge boots and it was so wobbly. Then we went to a tent and shot 22 and they are really loud. Next we got to build squirrel feeders and after we built it we got to paint it. Then we went into a trailer and we first got to shoot cans with a bb gun and after that we got to pretend to shoot turkeys. Last we shot paint balls with sling shots. It was really fun. I really like Jake’s Day, so I think you should go to Jake’s Day.