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Meat & Memories: What It's All About

Sarah Eckelkamp

"Breathe… breathe, Sarah… breathe," were the words going through my mind as my first buck pranced into viewing. I kept telling myself to "pull it together" because if I kept shaking, I would never get off a good shot. Turns out, I can't keep calm when put in the situation to shoot my first buck. That amount of adrenaline was not something I anticipated. Add in the fact that my six-year-old son was along for his first deer hunting experience, and I didn't want an anti-climatic ending to his first hunt. The pressure was really on! The buck turned broadside and was setting me up for the perfect shot, but I knew I wasn't ready yet. He walked away and then turned and seemed to look straight at me and say, "You missed your chance!" Yet, he let me have another chance, and I took it. Getting to share in the celebration with my son and husband afterwards was beyond special. We waited in the blind for a while longer and then went to track him. As we took pictures, my son looked at me with a big smile and said, "We have meat, Mom!" I was definitely excited about the meat, but I was more excited about the memories made with my son and husband. It's hopefully a tradition that'll continue for years to come.