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Save the Lifestyle

Saving the Lifestyle One Employee at a Time

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The Problem

By now you've most likely heard about the decline in hunting. Here's a couple points to ponder:

Don't let these statistics get you down. Use them as motivation to start making a difference! With every problem comes a solution. There may be more than one solution and a solution may not be easy, but luckily, we outdoorsmen/women, are a determined group of people, and together we can take steps towards making a difference and increasing the interest in the outdoor lifestyle.

Saving the Lifestyle

The loss of hunters is not only a threat to our traditions, but the impact on conservation will be catastrophic. For ALPS, hunting is an important part of our lifestyle and heritage, but Save the Lifestyle is more than just that. We believe it is important to give as many people a chance to enjoy the outdoors as possible.

Where to Start: Making a Difference

Recent studies have shown that people of all ages are interested in hunting, but many lack the support/mentor needed to get started. With all of this top of mind, we knew it was time to take action and live up to our "Save the Lifestyle" campaign mission. In November of 2018, ALPS hosted our first "Save the Lifestyle" day. It was setup to allow our staff members that possess a vast array of outdoor experience, to mentor those at ALPS that were new or disconnected from the outdoors.

Feedback from our team, such as "I don't shoot often (meaning like, ever) and guns in general, make me extremely nervous" and "I grew up around hunting and the outdoors life, but I never showed any interest in the actual hunt or shooting experience", helped us decide the best place to start would be with proper shooting skills and safety.

We offered all interested ALPS team members a day of fun, learning, shooting, and encouragement. When the team was asked if they would like to participate, many quickly replied with a resounding YES! One team member stated, "So, the company offers time to hone my own shooting skills, to learn the ins-and-outs of a crossbow, and to sight-in some new rifles, all while getting to witness a coworker bust her first clay bird?! Sounds like a pretty good way to spend a Tuesday!"

When the day arrived, the team was greeted with a surprisingly brisk, overcast, and slightly misty day, but that did not deter us. The day started with a firearms safety and functionality briefing, then moved into the main event. Pistol, rifle, clay bird, and crossbow shooting stations were setup in an effort to provide multiple experiences. Of course, with several talented shooters, clay bird shooting quickly went from "teaching and freshening up, to a friendly competition," as one staff member recalled.

The office was all a buzz the next day. Several employees were recalling skills learned, while others were bragging about their accomplishments. One team member was overheard saying, "Life gets busy and you forget to make time for things you love. This day gave me the chance to revitalize my passion and see the same spark ignite for a few of my close friends (co-workers)."

ALPS team member, Sarah Eckelkamp, may have summed up the day best, "I'm proud to work for a company who is taking a stance and encouraging non-hunters to get outdoors and learn about the sport, as well as reminding experienced hunters to mentor beginners who are interested in getting started. This is exactly what "Save the Lifestyle" is all about… encouraging, teaching, promoting, and introducing the outdoor lifestyle to more people, and ALPS is doing a great job with this initiative."

Please don't think you can't make a difference. All contributions, no matter their size, help and together we can make a big impact. We'd love to hear how you're also "Saving the Lifestyle."