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Reconnecting with Nature for a Day

Sarah Eckelkamp

Originally, our plans included an early morning wake-up call from our alarm clock, followed by a hike in the woods to our turkey blind. But due to turkey numbers being down in Missouri, and not seeing much action on our trail cameras the past couple of weeks, we decided to make a last-minute change to our schedule and enjoy some fresh air and family time at our family's farm, engaging in other outdoor activities. While we were originally disappointed that the turkeys weren't cooperating to our standards, it turned out, that watching our oldest son catch-and-release his own fish, witnessing our youngest son find and pick "whopper" Morels, and answering question after question about all things nature, the day turned out to be the perfect escape from the normal work routine. We often need a day to reconnect with nature and getting to share the day with our curious boys was just the ticket.