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Save the Lifestyle

Save the Lifestyle 2019 Recap

Dennis Brune

Since the 2020 Spring hunting season is not that far off, and I'm already dreaming about turkey gobbles, it's way past time for me to recap 2019. While hunting and fishing are important to me and my family, I believe what's more important is that we can spend time outside together, to share all of the wonders of Mother Nature. Preserving our Hunting Heritage, and as we say at ALPS, "Save The Lifestyle", is extremely important to me and our family business. Part of the process of preserving that love of the outdoors is sharing our stories with others, and the pictures below capture some of my highlights from last year.

Sarah's first turkey harvest 1
Fishing with Jake and Bryce 2
Jake's Day with Madison and Hayden 3
Deer Camp with the grandkids 4

Spring 2019 started with me sharing Sarah's first turkey harvest1. Then as the weather warmed, Jake, Bryce, and I were able to catch enough fish2 for a family dinner. NWTF's JAKE's day in June showed Madison and Hayden how much fun paddling around in kayaks3 could be. As the weather cooled, and Fall arrived, we had another amazing Deer Camp at our farm, where some of the grandkids were able to get started by being "observers"4 and Sarah continued her "firsts" in 2019 with the harvest of her first buck5. Adam, Doug, and I closed out the year with an awesome pheasant hunt6 with friends in South Dakota in December. I also logged a few firsts in 2019 with my first mule deer7 and my first woodcock8, and shared the experiences with 2 special friends.

Sarah's first buck 5
South Dakota pheasant hunt 6
First mule deer 7
First woodcock 8

If you love the outdoors like we do, I'd like to also issue a little bit of a challenge to anyone reading my short story. In 2020, figure out some way to take a new person into the outdoors to harvest something—fish, venison, berries, mushrooms, firewood, etc. If that challenge is too difficult, start by getting at least one new person to spend some time outdoors with you. Going for a walk in the woods would be a great start. At a recent PF/QF event, my buddy Rich, issued a similar challenge to the crowd. He asked us all to close our eyes and remember those special times when we spent time outdoors with family and friends, and use those memories as inspiration to invite new friends to join us. Mother Nature has given us an amazing playground, so let's get out and use it, and share it with one another.