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Scheidegger Boys 2019 Youth Season

Heather Scheidegger

Hunting is a family tradition in our household and opening day of whitetail season is a highly-anticipated event every year! This year, opening day of youth season was extra-special for several reasons.

Zach and I were both able to sit with our six-year-old son, Landon, to experience his very first deer hunt. Landon has been counting down the years and days for his turn! His target practice, patience and perseverance payed off with a late-morning six-point buck. His smiles and excitement leading up to and following his success are etched in our minds forever. He's already asking when he can hunt again.

Our oldest son, Cole, age nine, was joined in the stand by my Dad for his third youth season. We are extremely proud to have had three generations together in the woods that morning. My Dad was my mentor and he has been a large part in helping our family continue to pass on the love of the outdoors and hunting to our kids. Since Cole already had several deer harvests under his belt, he had decided he would wait for a bigger buck. As luck had it, he didn't have to wait long. After about an hour in the stand, Cole took a 10-pointer with a perfectly placed 80-yard shot.

Our weekend didn't end with the hunt that morning. We spent the rest of the weekend as a family processing the two deer. The boys both helped each step of the way, brushed up on their knife safety and were filled with questions and curiosity from beginning to end. We capped the weekend off with grilled tenderloins for Sunday dinner where there were clean plates all around for this family of five!

As parents this was one of the best days ever—a day spent with family sharing experiences and teaching life values and lessons. Already at their young age, it is evident both of our boys are going to be life-long hunters and outdoorsmen! When we look back at this day in 10 or 20 years, we will remember the hunt, but more importantly our time together. For this crew, next season can't come soon enough. Until then, we will enjoy the unforgettable deer stories and the bounty of our harvest!