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Why the Pledge to Protect Hunting Matters

Sean Curran

Sportsmen's Alliance

Sean CurranRecently, the Sportsmen's Alliance launched the Pledge to Protect Hunting, with the goal of engaging as many sportsmen and women as possible on the issues affecting our outdoor traditions. The feedback has been astonishing, with hundreds of people signing the Pledge in no time at all. There's an awakening going on within the hunting community as more people are realizing they can't sit back and expect our outdoor lifestyle to remain safe. Hunters are understanding that for far too long we've been too comfortable, too content and far too complacent.

Sean CurranThat's exactly why the Pledge to Protect Hunting matters. Depending on which reports you read, there are somewhere between 11 and 15 million hunters in the United States. Even if we accept the figure at the top of the range, when compared to the 323 million people living in this country, hunters only represent 4.6% of the total population. At the low end of the range, hunters equal 3.4% of the population. Hunting license sales have steadily declined from their peak in the early 1980's while the overall population has grown increasingly urban and suburban, adding over 100 million more people with non-rural connections to wildlife and wild places. Inaction is no longer an option for the hunting community.

It is up to every single hunter to take ownership of the future of hunting and promote its role within the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation. We cannot sit back and expect someone else to do something. It is the responsibility of every single license-buying hunter to get engaged and be an advocate for our outdoor lifestyle.

When it comes to politics, the government goes to those who show up. We may not want hunting to be part of the political process, but it is, so it is time for hunters to lace up their boots and show up. The first step in the commitment to show up informed is to sign the Pledge to Protect Hunting. By doing so, you're embracing what it means to be a hunter and the responsibilities we share to protect our passion for our outdoor traditions.

Sean CurranIt's been said that if all of us can do a little, then none of us will need to do a lot. Your voice matters, and it needs to be heard along with the millions of other hunters just like you. It was at the turn of the 20th century that hunters realized our wildlife and wild places were in peril. They came together and changed the course of conservation in America. We're standing at a similar crossroads now, except this time it is hunting and hunters that are endangered. Let's start to do the little things that add up to great things. Take your first steps today by signing the Pledge to Protect Hunting.