Family Camping Gear by Cedar Ridge
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Good buy for the money!

This is pretty nice tent. Left it up in rain storm. Everything was nice and dry in morning. The fly is very water proof. Sheets off in heavy rain. I was able to set it up alone. However two people would be best. Also heard concerns about collapsing in wind. Correct! I set up the tent without staking the tent or using guy lines. Feared worse when I seen it folded over. However, tent is strong. No rips! If your not using the fly. I highly recommend leaving windows open to allow wind to pass through. . Was my own fault. Can't expect something that tall and wide to withstand winds without properly securing it. Would recommend tent. Just be sure to take proper measures to secure it.

Pros: large, easy to set up. Included guy line is reflective. Lots of air flow. Open sky is awesome! Opposite side doors are nice. Water proof, strong.

Cons: 30 lbs. Must stake out! Room dividers are sewn in. Fine if you don't have a child who wants to pull on them. Kinda hard to put fly on even with two people. It's tall! Ball it up, throw it over the top, start pulling. Lol

Wanted to like it

I really wanted this tent to work, but on our initial camping trip, one of the nylon pieces that the plastic elbows are tied to pulled out of the tent. Luckily we had a needle and thread and were able to temporarily fix, but it made me suspect of the entire QC on this tent. Also, in the "tub" portion of the base, you could see holes from the stitching at a few of the attachment points...I guess one could use seam sealer for the entire base around these points, but I am glad that I didn't have to test how waterproof the tent would be.

If not for that, I would have give 4 stars as it was a great spacious design.

Great family tent

I purchased this tent as replacement for the original Coleman Max 9 by 13, 2 door non instant tent.


I like having a door in the front and one on the back, it makes it easier to go from our shower tent into our main tent without having to display ourselves to the entire campsite. Also, our boys can sneak out that back door for late night "lilly watering." The windows and high ceiling are a most for camping in South Florida 90 degree heat and a zillion percent humidity. It's the rainy season now and in spite of water droplets that clean your entire weeks laundry with just 3 to 4 droplets, we stayed dry. My teenage boys and husband are rather large and messy so the space is much appreciated.


It's huge and heavy, definitely not for walking and hiking, but if you can drive to your campsite and pull it right our of your car it will be perfect. I can put it up and pack it up by myself, but definitely much easier and faster with a least a second person. The room divider is sewn in, so it can't be removed. Unfortunately only Coleman makes those D-doors that are rigid and can be opened and closed without the zipper, but we adjusted. It only has guide lines from the liner and not the tent itself, which may be a challenged if we hit one of those "no named Florida storms" we'll have to see.


Yes, if you have a family or just enjoy a lot of room to stand up and walk around, then definitely this is it. I always seal all of our tents, this one I used before I seamed sealed it. Worked fine.

P.S. If you don't have the time to seal a tent or if your old one starts to leak you can always through a tarp over it and bungee cord it. That works too.

Love our new tent!!

I just purchased this 2 room tent for my family to use this past weekend. Since we've had such a warm spring so far we got to go camping earlier than usual. I have a 4 year old, 6 year old, and lab that sleeps with my husband and I. We loved all the space for our gear (you don't travel lightly with 2 kids!) and had plenty of room to sleep. We had great weather so could keep the windows open and got plenty of ventilation. It was easy to set up with just my husband and I and was exactly what we were looking for. I also really liked that we didn't have to crouch getting in/out of the doors and there was ample head room when inside the tent. Can't wait to get out again!